Luxy Duck

Luxy Duck deodorant is natural, made by hand, with only the finest ingredients. It is free of aluminum, parabens, and toxins and tested only on family and friends – never animals.

Luxy Duck was created when a local, mom of four couldn’t find a natural deodorant that worked. Faced with being either smelly or exposed to toxins, she started experimenting with different natural deodorant recipes until she found one that worked – that smelled sophisticated, that felt pampering during her 7.5 minutes I had between pajamas to door.

She started making it in her kitchen and giving it to family and friends.  She started holding court at preschool drop-offs and soccer fields, telling people that there was a better way to smell fresh, and it didn’t involve aluminums, or animal testing, or having something that looked like it came in a burlap bag.  It was luxurious and effective.

It is named Luxy Duck, for all those women, who may look calm and put together on the surface, but underneath it all,are moving,are running,are going forward. And want to do it smelling great.

To experience Luxy Duck deodorant, simply take one cube, warm it between your hands or underarms, massage that one cube in both underarms.  Then smile, and enjoy life.

We Carry Both Luxy Duck's Luxuriously Natural Deodorant Options:

French Lavender Vanilla

Serene and mild, this deodorant is blended with the highest grade French Lavender essential oils. Created with quality natural ingredients and handcrafted to deliver a luxurious morning ritual.

Sweet Orange Tobacco

Sparkling but mellow, this fragrance is infused with sweet orange essential oils, then toned down with the warmth and richness of tobacco. It wakes you up and keeps you smelling fresh all day. A customer favorite here at Andrea's Skin Care.