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Archipelago Botanicals

We are excited to bring the wonderful world of Archipelago Botanicals into your home. Their fragrances, lotions, creams and body washes are natural based, giving your skin the gentle care that it needs with the relaxing scents that you deserve! All of their products are loaded with powerful antioxidants that will help to keep your skin and body looking revived, rejuvenated and vibrant!

All of Archipelago Botanicals’ products are made with the best that Mother Nature has to offer, from a pomegranate’s healing elements to the rich nutrients found in natural blue sea kale, their entire product line makes use of natural ingredients to keep your body and skin feeling pampered and renewed.

Here is a sample of the Archipelago products that we carry in our Andover, MA spa. Come in and shop today or contact us for more information on how Archipelago can indulge you!

Archipelago Botanicals

Oat Lotion Milk

Gentle oat protein is the perfect anecdote for the dry winter months. Ours is blended with dried milk solids to keep skin looking young and healthy. Natural jojoba esters slide on smoothly, without a greasy feel.Use daily to seal in your body's moisture.

Oat Milk Sugar Scrub

Perfect for dry, rough or irritated skin, nourishing dried milk solids and gentle oat proteins are blended with shea butter to create a delightful and moisturizing scrub. Raw sugar gently exfoliates and melts away dead cells and toxins to leave your skin supple and soft to the touch.

Coconut Sugar Scrub

Gentle sugar scrub is blended with Coconut oil, natural plant extracts and jojoba esters to help keep skin looking young and healthy. Use regularly to keep skin exfoliated and clean.

Coconut Lotion

Coconut oil, perhaps the healthiest oil on earth, blends together effortlessly with premium ingredients in this uber-luxurious and creamy lotion. We blend our coconut oil with natural protein and other ingredients to keep skin looking young, hydrated and healthy.

Black Honey Hand Wash

A soft, silky and luxurious hand wash that is as beautiful to look at and smell as it is to use! We never use parabens or harsh sulfates that will strip your hands of the natural moisture-retaining oils that we need.

Black Honey Hand Crème

Blended with premium plant extracts and jojoba esters into our rich and award winning hand formula. Great for cuticles and rough spots, our crème has a gentle essential oil fragrance and leaves no greasy residue.

Black Honey Lotion

Black honey is a perfect, natural humectant for the skin! For best results and skin that looks young and healthy, moisturize daily – and especially right out of the shower or bath. Drink a lot of water and reapply as needed during the day.

Black Honey Sugar Scrub

Create your own skin wellness routine with our Black Honey Sugar Scrub. For a secret weapon to keep your hands from giving away your actual age, keep the scrub near the sink and gently exfoliate your hands every morning – the results are amazing!

Seasonal Holiday Collections

Exclusively during the holiday season, choose from a limited selection of classic and traditional scents. Winter Frost features a fresh blend of White Birch and Winter Greens. Joy, a customer favorite, boasts a blend of orange, crushed cinnamon and spice. And Hope gathers notes of holiday pine, bayberry and clove. Great gift options for yourself or anybody else on your list!